Gift Card Policies

Our Policy concerning Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

Is there an expiry date on any Bedgeburry Park gift cards?

There is no expiry date on our gift cards. This means a gift card can be used to its full value no matter when you decide to use it.


Am I buying a retail gift card or a pre-paid credit card?

You are buying a retail gift card when you purchase any Bedgeburry Park gift card.


What types of cards are not covered by the gift card rules?

Promotional gift cards given away for free or at a discount as well as loyalty cards or club cards used to collect rewards or points are not deemed to be Bedgeburry Park Gift Cards and as such the policy concerning gift cards does not apply to those types of other cards.


Any extra charges to use a gift card?

No activation fees or added service fees are required to purchase the card or to use the card. No fees that reduce the value of the gift card over time, sometimes called dormancy fees are applied at any time during the life of the card.


Is there any sales tax charged to buy a gift card?

Businesses cannot charge harmonized sales tax (HST) when you buy a gift card. Check your receipt to make sure. HST is charged on items or services you purchase using a gift card and as such the amount of the tax will be deducted from the available amount on your gift card.


When can a business charge a fee?

Businesses are allowed to charge for:

-customizing a gift card

-replacing a lost or stolen card

and not for any other purpose or reason.


What do I do with my gift card if the business closes?

If Bedgeburry Park is permanently closed because of financial difficulties or bankruptcy, you can contact the trustee in bankruptcy for assistance.


How do I redeem my gift card on

During the checkout process, after you've entered your credit card information, you will see a section titled, "Are you using a Gift Card?". Enter the number on your Gift Card in the field provided. If you are using more than one Gift Card, click on the "add" link beside the field to enter more Gift Card numbers. You can redeem up to 5 Gift Cards in any one transaction.


How is (are) the amount(s) of my gift card(s) applied to my order?

Your credit card will be debited for the full Grand Total of your order. Then, your credit card will receive a credit for the amount of the Gift Card redemption. There will be two entries on your Statement, one for the Grand Total of your order, and one amount for a credit of your Gift Card(s) redeemed on that order.


How will I know if the gift card redemption is successful?

After you successfully enter your Gift Card number(s) and a valid credit card, you will be transferred to the Order Confirmation page.

The Order Confirmation page will display the following:

1. The Gift Card Redemption field will display the dollar total of all successfully redeemed Gift Card(s) for the order.

 a. If the Gift Card(s) entered are not successfully redeemed the field will display $0.00 and the Gift Card Details table will display the status of each Gift Card.


2. The Gift Card Details table will display the status of all Gift Card(s) associated to the order. Information provided includes: 

a. Gift Card Number - all Gift Card number(s) associated with the order. For security only the last 4 digits will be displayed.

b. Value Redeemed - total dollar amount redeemed from the Card. If the Gift Card has not been redeemed, the Value Redeemed will show a value of $0.00.
c. Balance Remaining - total dollar amount remaining on the Card. If the Gift Card has not been redeemed, the balance remaining will show N/A.
d. Status - shows the outcome of the Gift Card validation. One of the following statuses will be displayed:


i. Redeemed: the Gift Card was successfully redeemed

ii. Inactive: the Gift Card cannot be used because it either has been depleted or closed for another reason 

iii. Invalid: the Gift Card number was not found 

iv. Not Required: the Gift Card was not decremented because the order value was filled using the Gift Cards entered in the previous rows 

v. Pending: the order has been pended. Customer Service will manually process this order.


If I make a return, does the amount I redeemed get reloaded onto my gift card?

You will receive a refund of the amount you return on your credit card as per our return policy. The amount that you redeemed on your order does not get reloaded onto your Gift Card. But, we will issue a new digital Gift Card to you to replace the value of the gift card you used on that one purchase.


Keeping Record

Please ensure you PRINT the Order Confirmation page for your records.


What denominations can I choose for my Gift Cards?

Online Gift Cards are available in set amounts ranging from $10-$100. The card can be used multiple times until the full value is spent.


Are there any fees or administration charges involved?

There are no fees of any kind when purchasing a Gift Card.


Will I require a PIN or ID Number?

No. The Card will have an identification number printed on it which is secured by the original purchase order number for the gift card. Simply enter the identification number from your card at the time of your checkout on our site.


How will I know how much value is remaining on my Card?

The sales receipt for each purchase you make with your Card will itemize the value remaining. You can also find out the remaining value calling 1-289-273-6590 with your Card number and we'll be able to tell you over the phone.


Can a gift card be used to make a payment on my account?

Cards are not redeemable for cash, or credit in whole or in part. It cannot be used as payment on a credit account, Gift certificates or merchandise certificate purchases. Gift cards are valid only for the purchase of merchandise or services.


Do Gift Card purchases earn Rewards or Points?

Rewards and Points are not issued on Gift Card purchases.


Is there a limit to the dollar value per Card, or per purchase?

The maximum value for each Gift Card is $200.00. The Card can be used all at once to pay for merchandise or services, or used for several purchases over time as long as there is value remaining.


Do Gift Cards ever expire?

There are no expiry dates on Gift Cards. Bedgeburry Park loyalty programs cards, "Rewards Cards" and promotional Cash Cards issued from time to time are not covered by legislation and will continue to expire as indicated on either the front or back of the Card as follows:

Reward Cards:   "This Card will expire 6 months after the date of issue."

Promotional Cards (Cash Cards):   "This Card will expire after the dates indicated on the front of the Card."


Can Gift Cards be 'reloaded' with additional amounts?

Cards cannot be "topped up" after being used, however additional Cards can be purchased. Also, balances cannot be transferred from one Card to another.


What happens if I loose my Gift Card or it is stolen?

Since Cards are almost like cash, we cannot issue replacements for lost or stolen Cards. In the unlikely event your order of Cards is lost during delivery to you, we can deactivate the Cards in our system and issue you a new supply.


Where are Gift Cards redeemable?

Gift cards are only redeemable on our website at


Terms and Conditions

The Gift Card ("Card") is redeemable for merchandise and services on our website at and is not redeemable for cash or credit in whole or in part. It cannot be used for payment on any Credit accounts, Gift certificates or merchandise certificate purchases. The Card is the property of Bedgeburry Park. Lost or stolen Cards will not be replaced. Bedgeburry Park must activate the Card prior to use. You may check the balance remaining by calling 1-289-273-6590 or by emailing us at Only redeemable in Canada.


 Future Changes And Amendments To Our Policy

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Policy at any time and from time to time.  We will post those changes on this page and they will become effective immediately upon posting.  We encourage you to review this Policy periodically to become apprised of any changes.  If you continue to use this website after the revised policy has been posted, you will be deemed to have agreed to them.


 This policy was last modified on July 19, 2019.