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Blue Gold? Would you?

In researching gold for an upcoming blog I stumbled upon these stunning rings. Each ring has a different level of blue gold from light to deep, dark, almost black blue gold.


The band ring, above, a very deep, almost black gold, has Tanzanite and Diamond gemstones.  The band is for sale by Diamondere.  See for details.


This ring, immediately below, is a medium dark blue gold band with one Pink Sapphire gemstone.

Pink Sapphire Ring





This ring, immediately below, is a light blue with a Blue Aqua Zircon stone.  This ring is for sale by the Slim Wallet Company.  See for details.


Blue Aqua Zircon


Intermetallic compounds, as these three blue gold rings, are obtained by fusing a strictly fixed ratio of components determined by the chemical formula. These metals are characterized by having low plasticity and high fragility — they can crack or be fractured after the fall or become dented from a blow, so it limits their broader usage in the jewelry industry.


Blue gold is a gold alloy with indium — AuIn2, containing 46 percent of 11-carat gold and 54 percent indium. The blue intermetallic compound is very fragile.


The compound of gold and gallium — AuGa2 has a lighter bluish hue and contains 58 percent of 14K gold. This gold alloy is more solid than AuIn2.


Jewelry pieces made of blue gold are rare.

During the 1970s I began making and selling jewellry, a passion I shared with my mum, through local businesses. Together, we made hundreds of pieces of everyday accessories to wedding accessories. From 1980 to 1993 I was an integral part of the team of successful small business entrepreneurs behind Boaz Junction, a local women's wear store here in St. Catharines, Ontario.

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